Powerful tools for HR managers and employees

Elexeea's Workforce works for you and your employees: everywhere. Mobile applications and easily-accessible suites for both managers and employees to share and access compliance documents, track attendance and many more on Android and iOS devices.


Drive your WorkForce into Full Performance

HR teams in organizations are on a perpetual quest to enhance their processes, Talent management, time and attendance, workforce productivity, workplace safety, train employees, manage documents and communicate with employees company-wide. With divided systems, legacy systems and paper documents - HR staff spend more time on manual processes and lesser time on focusing on your company's greater goals

Full Suite Human Resources Management Platform Suite

WorkForce  Drive is a next-generation Human Capital Management platform, powered by a full ecosystem, encompassing Time Tracking & Attendance Features, Digital Document Management, Communication System, Location/GPS Field Employee Tracking, Project management, Intranet, Emergency Incident Reporting solutions.  We act as the gateway for helping HR automate processes and workflows, digitizing documents, collect digital signatures eliminate inefficient tasks, unified communication - making your workplace, smarter, safer and more productive. Our solution integrates seamlessly into existing legacy HR infrastructure if needed, providing you with a more unified and smarter solution.


Employee Profiles

Workforce allows you to set up digital employee profiles, with photo and details of every team member. Every employee gets a unique profile and QR Code easily scannable at check-in.

Employee Directory 

The Employee Directory allows you to display employee bio, contact information and all other necessary details users in your organization need to see. That way, team members can easily find other employees within your organization

Manage Time and Attendance 

With Workforce, employees can check-in when they arrive work and checkout at the end of work using workforce seamlessly. Managers can easily manage attendance from their mobile devices, regardless of where they are



Document Management On the Go 

Workforce allows your employees to access and sign important documents on the go. Whether an employee signature is required, or a client signature is needed on an important contract, workforce makes document management a breeze.


Employee Check-in  

Team members easily check-in to work and check-out using their QR codes on Workforce.

Geo-Location Check-in  

Managers can maximize staff's productivity while on the team by staying up to date on employee's location through Workforce Geo-location check-in and tracking.

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